Connecting Your Laptop

1. Connect to the Wireless Network: STCVA or Students

Log in with your network Username/Password (your network/email password, not SaintsNet).  If you are a new student, your initial password is Stcva1234.  If you can’t remember your password, Ms. Pohanka, Mr. Johns, or Mr. J. D. Jump can change it for you.

 2. Printer Install:

Microsoft Windows:

Find the proper Control Panel for Printers, and select Add Printer

Add a local printer.

Select Standard TCP/IP Port.

Enter IP address: 10.136.7.???, where ??? will indicate which printer.

If requested, choose printer driver (HP LaserJet 4000/4100 Series, HP Universal Driver)

You should rename the printer.


Open a page, select Print, and select Printer: Add a printer.

Protocol: HP Jetdirect Socket.

Enter IP address 10.136.7.???, where ??? will indicate which printer.

Change the Name to a recognizable name.

LLCNook= USSmallLab= USLibrary=

 3. Direct link to SaintsNet:

Recall that the network password and the SaintsNet password are separate.  Bookmark this page!

4. GoogleDocs

If you have not already done so, log into SaintsNet, click on Inbox then click the Gmail tab.  Then, follow the directions to accept the terms of use.  You will go through the SaintsNet link to get to your GoogleApps—you will not need to enter a password.

 Laptop Notes

–fully charge your laptop each night

–always store your laptop in its case when not in use

–be careful where you leave your laptop—do not leave it outside or in non-secure locations

–have some distinguishing characteristics of your laptop case (for easy identification)

–have some label or distinguishing characteristic of your laptop itself as well

–decide on a backup strategy for your laptop data, and follow through with that plan


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