1:1 Initiative – Upper School

All students in grades 9 through 12 should bring a laptop to school each day to be used in the classroom and for individual work. St. Christopher’s has a relationship with CDW that includes discounted pricing on Windows machines.

For Apple products, a specific vendor is not recommended, but the Apple Store in Short Pump or any online store is a good option.

Beginning this year (2013-14), Google Chromebooks are also an option for the Upper School Laptop Program. These machines are internet-only devices, but are a viable device considering so much of our program uses web-based applications. There are some differences and limitations with Chromebooks, but with some special work-arounds, they will work with our program. If you are interested in using a Google Chromebook for your son’s laptop, please contact Carey Pohanka (pohankac@stcva.org) before you purchase it to discuss the limitations.

At present, the iPad is not an option for our program, but we will continue to monitor updates to that system even throughout the summer in hopes that it will be a viable option.

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