US Open Model FAQs

Is there a single location where one can find answers to questions regarding the 1:1 program at St. Christopher’s School?

Yes, St. Christopher’s started a blog in the winter of 2010 where students and parents can find information about hardware, software, and updates to the program. Please click the following link to read and comment on current and future blog posts.

Is there a list of  the minimum requirements for the laptops to be used in US open model?

Yes, there are minimum specs. To view the specs, please click here.

Has the School developed vendor relationships for purchasing computers at a discount?

Yes, St. Christopher’s has developed relationships with Hewlett-Packard and MacPro Solutions.  Note that these connections have been made solely for the benefit of the students and families.  Parents should certainly feel free to shop around and compare prices and benefits.

Families interested in a windows based computer should go to the HP Academy. Under “Need Help,” families will be able to see the 3 models St. Christopher’s School recommends.  After creating a username and password,  the plan will provide discounts ranging from 10-30 percent on either hardware or peripherals.

MacPro Solutions
St. Christopher’s is working with MacPro Solutions, a local vendor located on West Broad Street with almost a decade of experience as an Apple Solutions Specialist.  MacPro offers discounts to St. Christopher’s families on computers, peripherals, and software; will discuss and demonstrate best options; and will provide an ongoing point of contact for questions, service, and support for any families who choose their services.  The link at provides a number of options for computers, accessories, software, and security.  Just click tabs at the top of pages to navigate the choices, and feel free to call MacProSolutions at 497-8710.

Will the School backup my son’s files?

No, the school does not provide file storage for student work.  We strongly recommend that families develop or add to their backup strategy to include their son’s computer.  Backups may be in the form of an external hard drives, burned CDs, flashdrives, dropbox, or an online backup solution like Carbonite.
As we continue to leverage Google Apps for Education, your son’s files will be stored in the cloud, which will provide him with access to his files from any computer that has an internet connection.  We will educate the students about these options during the coming year.

Does St. Christopher’s provider loaners to students with damaged computers?

Yes, St. Christopher’s has a limited number of spare computers available to your son should it become damaged.  Spares will be issued by Robert Johns, the Upper School technology coordinator, after a student has provided proof that the damaged computer is being serviced.  Spares must be returned in a timely manner and in the condition they were issued, or additional costs may be incurred by the family.

What kind of troubleshooting help will the school provide and what will the parents have to do?

School personnel will provide minor troubleshooting, but students will be responsible for maintaining their machine.s  FAQs, instructions for specific tasks, and other hints will be provided as well, and the Upper School plans to identify interested and able students to help with such issues as well.

Will my son have access to the internet at school?

Yes, access to the internet is provided via our Guest network.  Students with a valid username and password will have access to the Guest network.  Traffic that passes through our network will be filtered on campus. However, parents may want to develop their own home use policies regarding internet (and other computer) use. For a sample home use contract, please click here.

Will my son be able to print from the Guest network?

Yes, on campus printing is available to students with a valid username and password on the Guest network. Additional information on how to print will be made available at the start of school.

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