Laptop Home Use Contract

Contract for Laptop Use at Home
a recommended approach

Making a home use contract is a great opportunity for dialogue between parent and child about mutual expectations, responsibilities, and privileges. A printed, signed contract is a point of discussion that can be extended throughout the school year as the student adapt to the this technologically changing landscape.  Lastly, it is a way for the whole family to be mindful of their actions and attitudes.

A home use contract although not required, is recommended by St. Christopher’s School to assist families in developing sound and responsible habits when using a laptop, cell phone, or gaming console.

Below are some suggested areas your contract may focus on.  And, on the back of this page is a ready-made contract that you may use.

In making your home use contract, please remember the following:

  • It may not contravene any existing rules established by the St. Christopher’s School’s Acceptable Use Policy
  • It should be short and concise. (Remember, the goal is something that you can keep in your head.)
  • It should contain contributions from both parent and student.
  • It should be something that everyone agrees on.
  • It should be signed by both parent and student.

Suggested discussion points for the contract for laptop use at home

Below are a few topics for families to consider as they develop discussion topics for their home use contract.

Time limits: How much time is the student allowed to spend on the laptop for school use? For personal use? Are there hours of the day when it should never be turned on? Are there special considerations for weekends as opposed to school nights?

Location of laptop use: Does the student have to use the laptop in a common area (e.g. kitchen, family room)? Can the student use the laptop in their bedroom? Can it be taken outside?

Location of storage: Where does it reside overnight or when the student is not using it?

Supervision: Can the student use the laptop when no adults are present? Can the student use the laptop when not in direct view of the parent? What level of privacy can the student expect? Should the student share his or her passwords so that parents have access to his or her accounts? What will the expectations be for having friends over or going to a friend’s house?

Content limits: What nature of internet content should be avoided? How will you deal with uncomfortable situations that may arise at home or at a friend’s house?

Laptop Home Use Contract

Parent Name(s): _____________________ Student Name:_____________________

The laptop may not be used past ________________ in the evening Sunday through

Thursday, and _______________ on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • The laptop may only be used for ___________ hours per week for non-school-related activities.

  • Here are the parts of the house where I may not use the laptop:

  • Overnight, or when it is not in use, I will store the laptop in this location:

  • The following websites are acceptable to visit without my parents being present: For example, teacher suggested sites, newspaper, databases, google docs…

  • If I want to visit a site thatʼs not on this list, I must ask my parents and we must agree to add it to this list.

  • The following websites must only be visited when Iʼm with one or more parents:

  • When I am at a friendʼs house, or when a friend is visiting me, I must follow all the above rules. Additionally, I must observe the following rules:

________________________________                ________________________________
To Download a copy of the Laptop Home Use Contract, please click here.
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