Keyboarding: An essential skill

As we continue to prepare for our 1:1 initiative, a few families have inquired about keyboarding software or sites so their sons can practice over the summer.
While we do not have a formal keyboarding program in the MS, please feel free to explore these options if your son’s keyboarding skills are not as refined.

Websites that provide online practice:

  • Glencoe’s Online Keyboarding
  • Yahoo’s TyperShark
  • Sense-Lang’s Touch Typing Instruction
  • BBC’s Dance Mat Typing
  • <sp>

    Software that can be loaded on home computers:

  • TuxTyping
  • Yahoo’s Typershark also offers a Deluxe version

  • Please encourage your son to practice over the summer because we will have a competition at the start of school to see who can keyboard the greatest accuracy and speed.

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