1:1 Initiative – Upper School

All students in grades 9 through 12 should bring a laptop to school each day to be used in the classroom and for individual work. St. Christopher’s has a relationship with CDW that includes discounted pricing on Windows machines.

For Apple products, a specific vendor is not recommended, but the Apple Store in Short Pump or any online store is a good option.

Beginning this year (2013-14), Google Chromebooks are also an option for the Upper School Laptop Program. These machines are internet-only devices, but are a viable device considering so much of our program uses web-based applications. There are some differences and limitations with Chromebooks, but with some special work-arounds, they will work with our program. If you are interested in using a Google Chromebook for your son’s laptop, please contact Carey Pohanka (pohankac@stcva.org) before you purchase it to discuss the limitations.

At present, the iPad is not an option for our program, but we will continue to monitor updates to that system even throughout the summer in hopes that it will be a viable option.

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Connecting Your Laptop

1. Connect to the Wireless Network: STCVA or Students

Log in with your network Username/Password (your network/email password, not SaintsNet).  If you are a new student, your initial password is Stcva1234.  If you can’t remember your password, Ms. Pohanka, Mr. Johns, or Mr. J. D. Jump can change it for you.

 2. Printer Install:

Microsoft Windows:

Find the proper Control Panel for Printers, and select Add Printer

Add a local printer.

Select Standard TCP/IP Port.

Enter IP address: 10.136.7.???, where ??? will indicate which printer.

If requested, choose printer driver (HP LaserJet 4000/4100 Series, HP Universal Driver)

You should rename the printer.


Open a page, select Print, and select Printer: Add a printer.

Protocol: HP Jetdirect Socket.

Enter IP address 10.136.7.???, where ??? will indicate which printer.

Change the Name to a recognizable name.

LLCNook= USSmallLab= USLibrary=

 3. Direct link to SaintsNet:


Recall that the network password and the SaintsNet password are separate.  Bookmark this page!

4. GoogleDocs

If you have not already done so, log into SaintsNet, click on Inbox then click the Gmail tab.  Then, follow the directions to accept the terms of use.  You will go through the SaintsNet link to get to your GoogleApps—you will not need to enter a password.

 Laptop Notes

–fully charge your laptop each night

–always store your laptop in its case when not in use

–be careful where you leave your laptop—do not leave it outside or in non-secure locations

–have some distinguishing characteristics of your laptop case (for easy identification)

–have some label or distinguishing characteristic of your laptop itself as well

–decide on a backup strategy for your laptop data, and follow through with that plan


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Acceptable Use Policy

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Much To-Do About Laptops

One of my former students, Nicholas Horsley, is now the junior contributor for our school’s newspaper, The Pine Needle. This past summer we had an opportunity for some Q and A about our new 1:1 laptop program and the following article is the result.

*On a side note, there is nothing better than seeing a former student develop their skills and pursue their passions.

LAPTOPS!! They’re all the buzz this school year since St. Chris has decided to move to a 1:1 computer model. I caught up with Mr. Cuevas, who is one of the faculty spearheading this transistion, and asked him a few questions:
Many people are asking a lot of the same questions and while the laptop blog is helpful (http://blogs.stchristophers.com/1to1/) it can be confusing and not quite clear.  Over the summer, many of the faculty went to Memphis for a conference that was centered around laptop programs.  Mr. Cuevas was kind enough to chat with me about the new program:
In which grade does the 1:1 computer model start?
A: St. Christopher’s is using 2 different approaches.  In the MS, we are using a standardized model. In this model all students have the same computer and the computer is purchased and serviced through the school.  It is the most common 1:1 strategy deployed in schools.  The 7th grade will be part of this model.  The Upper School on the other hand is using an open model or a Bring Your Own Device strategy(BYOD).  This strategy is gaining in popularity and the Tech Department felt it also provided the greatest flexibility for our families in the Upper School.
Q: Will the school adopt its own basic laptop option as an option for the program? 
A: Essentially we have for the standardized model.  There are no options and we also purchased the same computers for the faculty who were due to have their computers refreshed.  In the Upper School, we’ve made recommendations and we’ve also made arrangements with MacPro Solutions and HP to provide families with options and some discounts. Families in the Upper School were also given the option to use a laptop that they may already own so long as it satisfied our minimum requirements.  See the blog for the minimum specs.

Q: What will happen to the computer labs and carts of netbooks if everyone from 7th grade and above is getting laptops?
A: In the Middle School, we moved away from computer labs last year and replaced them with netbook carts. There are four carts that will be used by the 6th and 8th grades.  In the Upper School, Dr. Smith has a laptop cart in his room to accommodate the juniors and seniors who were not required to participate in the laptop program.  The following year, the netbook carts will be reallocated to other areas on campus and some of the netbooks themselves will be used as spares because grades 6-12 will be part of the 1:1 program.

Q: What did the faculty learn from the Memphis conference? 
A: We had a great cross section of teachers and administrators in attendance at the Laptop Institute in Memphis, TN.  While we all came away with different pearls of wisdom that could be used in our respective areas, I think it is safe to say that the conference validated many of the steps St. Christopher’s has taken to prepare for this initiative. From a pedagogical perspective it was clear that taking small steps to design and integrate technology in effective and constructive ways into the curriculum is the best approach.  Also, ongoing professional development is a must!  Attendees: Mrs. Mayer, Mr. Tune, Mr. Szymendera, Miss Pohanka, Mr. Spears, Mr. Zollinhofer, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Boykin, and Mr. Cuevas.

Q: How will you cope with the Mac vs. PC compatibility issues (especially with St. Catherine’s)?  
A: In theory, this is the beauty of the Open Model in the Upper School as compatibility becomes more of a nonissue.  As part of our technology coordination with St. Catherine’s, both schools are now Google Apps for Education Schools.  This essentially provides communication and collaboration tools in the cloud so it becomes platform independent. In addition to Google Apps, we are encouraging teachers to continually seek web based apps rather than clients that need to be loaded onto each computer.

Q: Will there be any file sharing options between laptops and the network computers? 
A: Student laptops(Middle School) that are part of our domain will have access to our file server to backup some of their work.  Students in the open model will not have file server access but are encouraged to backup their work.  Examples are listed in our blog and more info will be shared during the opening weeks of school.  Becoming a Google Apps school essentially eliminates the need for a student file server because all of their work can be saved to the cloud providing them not only with a superior redundancy and security but also access from any computer so long as it has an internet connection.  As for printing, students will have access to our print server and further instructions will be provided during the opening weeks of school.

Q: I noticed the publications office received new iMacs. Is the student center going to have iMacs as well? 
A: Yes, we are including iMacs for the digital arts classroom in the Luck Leadership Center.

Q: What has the school done to prepare?
A: We have done incredible amounts of preparation for the 1:1 program.  We’ve increased our wireless footprint, increased our band width, increased the electrical load in our buildings, installed new lockers in the Middle School, become a Google Apps for Education School, and conducted an extensive professional development workshop this past summer.  I would also be remiss if I did not mention the many conversations that took place last year in the Middle School and Upper School.  

Q: Will the network be able to handle the extra few hundred computers
A: We’ve been pretty aggressive about upgrading our network infrastructure… Let’s just say from a wireless perspective, our campus is glowing. The school’s backbone is set to 1 Gb/s, we have 3 internet pipes to handle traffic. … Moreover, the construction of the Luck Leadership Center has required that the tech department be proactive with regards to the day to day needs of the curriculum and its impacts on the network.  This fall will be a great test of the steps we have taken to prepare for this increased load and we will continue to monitor and evaluate the needs as the Luck Leadership Center comes online.

Q: Plans for use/ changes to necessary school supplies? 
A: If anything, students won’t need to purchase thumb drives or CDs for their work because of their access to Google Apps.  As we move forward with the program, I am confident that we will start to see more eBooks.  Moving to eBooks will in some cases reduce the cost of books, decrease the weight of the backpacks, and it’s green.  

Q: Will students have to use it over pen and paper? 
A: I would say it is up to the individual instructor. However, if an activity requires the use of technology then it is safe to say that a student will most likely have to use their computer.
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Need a new Stylus for your Tablet PC?

MS students who have lost or damaged the stylus for their Tablet PC may purchase one directly from HP.

Here is the link for the stylus.

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Announcement: It’s time to BACKUP YOUR Files

6 weeks have past since the start of school.  Have you backed up your files yet?

If you haven’t, here are some recommended strategies:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mr. Zollinhofer, Ms. Pohanka, Mr. Johns, or Mr. Cuevas.

Be smart and be proactive with your data.



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US Open Model FAQs

Is there a single location where one can find answers to questions regarding the 1:1 program at St. Christopher’s School?

Yes, St. Christopher’s started a blog in the winter of 2010 where students and parents can find information about hardware, software, and updates to the program. Please click the following link to read and comment on current and future blog posts.

Is there a list of  the minimum requirements for the laptops to be used in US open model?

Yes, there are minimum specs. To view the specs, please click here.

Has the School developed vendor relationships for purchasing computers at a discount?

Yes, St. Christopher’s has developed relationships with Hewlett-Packard and MacPro Solutions.  Note that these connections have been made solely for the benefit of the students and families.  Parents should certainly feel free to shop around and compare prices and benefits.

Families interested in a windows based computer should go to the HP Academy. Under “Need Help,” families will be able to see the 3 models St. Christopher’s School recommends.  After creating a username and password,  the plan will provide discounts ranging from 10-30 percent on either hardware or peripherals.

MacPro Solutions
St. Christopher’s is working with MacPro Solutions, a local vendor located on West Broad Street with almost a decade of experience as an Apple Solutions Specialist.  MacPro offers discounts to St. Christopher’s families on computers, peripherals, and software; will discuss and demonstrate best options; and will provide an ongoing point of contact for questions, service, and support for any families who choose their services.  The link at http://www.macprosolutions.com/st.chriswelcome.html provides a number of options for computers, accessories, software, and security.  Just click tabs at the top of pages to navigate the choices, and feel free to call MacProSolutions at 497-8710.

Will the School backup my son’s files?

No, the school does not provide file storage for student work.  We strongly recommend that families develop or add to their backup strategy to include their son’s computer.  Backups may be in the form of an external hard drives, burned CDs, flashdrives, dropbox, or an online backup solution like Carbonite.
As we continue to leverage Google Apps for Education, your son’s files will be stored in the cloud, which will provide him with access to his files from any computer that has an internet connection.  We will educate the students about these options during the coming year.

Does St. Christopher’s provider loaners to students with damaged computers?

Yes, St. Christopher’s has a limited number of spare computers available to your son should it become damaged.  Spares will be issued by Robert Johns, the Upper School technology coordinator, after a student has provided proof that the damaged computer is being serviced.  Spares must be returned in a timely manner and in the condition they were issued, or additional costs may be incurred by the family.

What kind of troubleshooting help will the school provide and what will the parents have to do?

School personnel will provide minor troubleshooting, but students will be responsible for maintaining their machine.s  FAQs, instructions for specific tasks, and other hints will be provided as well, and the Upper School plans to identify interested and able students to help with such issues as well.

Will my son have access to the internet at school?

Yes, access to the internet is provided via our Guest network.  Students with a valid username and password will have access to the Guest network.  Traffic that passes through our network will be filtered on campus. However, parents may want to develop their own home use policies regarding internet (and other computer) use. For a sample home use contract, please click here.

Will my son be able to print from the Guest network?

Yes, on campus printing is available to students with a valid username and password on the Guest network. Additional information on how to print will be made available at the start of school.

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Laptop Home Use Contract

Contract for Laptop Use at Home
a recommended approach

Making a home use contract is a great opportunity for dialogue between parent and child about mutual expectations, responsibilities, and privileges. A printed, signed contract is a point of discussion that can be extended throughout the school year as the student adapt to the this technologically changing landscape.  Lastly, it is a way for the whole family to be mindful of their actions and attitudes.

A home use contract although not required, is recommended by St. Christopher’s School to assist families in developing sound and responsible habits when using a laptop, cell phone, or gaming console.

Below are some suggested areas your contract may focus on.  And, on the back of this page is a ready-made contract that you may use.

In making your home use contract, please remember the following:

  • It may not contravene any existing rules established by the St. Christopher’s School’s Acceptable Use Policy
  • It should be short and concise. (Remember, the goal is something that you can keep in your head.)
  • It should contain contributions from both parent and student.
  • It should be something that everyone agrees on.
  • It should be signed by both parent and student.

Suggested discussion points for the contract for laptop use at home

Below are a few topics for families to consider as they develop discussion topics for their home use contract.

Time limits: How much time is the student allowed to spend on the laptop for school use? For personal use? Are there hours of the day when it should never be turned on? Are there special considerations for weekends as opposed to school nights?

Location of laptop use: Does the student have to use the laptop in a common area (e.g. kitchen, family room)? Can the student use the laptop in their bedroom? Can it be taken outside?

Location of storage: Where does it reside overnight or when the student is not using it?

Supervision: Can the student use the laptop when no adults are present? Can the student use the laptop when not in direct view of the parent? What level of privacy can the student expect? Should the student share his or her passwords so that parents have access to his or her accounts? What will the expectations be for having friends over or going to a friend’s house?

Content limits: What nature of internet content should be avoided? How will you deal with uncomfortable situations that may arise at home or at a friend’s house?

Laptop Home Use Contract

Parent Name(s): _____________________ Student Name:_____________________

The laptop may not be used past ________________ in the evening Sunday through

Thursday, and _______________ on Fridays and Saturdays.

  • The laptop may only be used for ___________ hours per week for non-school-related activities.

  • Here are the parts of the house where I may not use the laptop:

  • Overnight, or when it is not in use, I will store the laptop in this location:

  • The following websites are acceptable to visit without my parents being present: For example, teacher suggested sites, newspaper, databases, google docs…

  • If I want to visit a site thatʼs not on this list, I must ask my parents and we must agree to add it to this list.

  • The following websites must only be visited when Iʼm with one or more parents:

  • When I am at a friendʼs house, or when a friend is visiting me, I must follow all the above rules. Additionally, I must observe the following rules:

________________________________                ________________________________
To Download a copy of the Laptop Home Use Contract, please click here.
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MS Technology Fee-faqs

What is the purpose of this new fee?

Beginning in the 2011-2012 school year a new annual technology fee will be be added to support the direct costs associated with a new one-to-one laptop access model being implemented in the MS.  A 2-year roll-out of this one-to-one implementation will begin next year with the 7th grade.  The fee represents a combination of the direct cost of the computer hardware and the licensing of the computer software when the new student laptops are added to the school’s existing software license agreements.

The direct cost of the computer hardware will be paid over a 3-year period.  Annual payment of this technology fee for 3 years will transfer ownership of the computer to the student’s parents.  Refer to additional questions below regarding software beyond this ownership transfer.

What is the breakdown of the fee?

Families in the 1:1 program will be charged $450.00/year to cover the hardware cost and $25.00/year to cover the cost of school licensed software for a total of $475/year for 3 years.

Why does this fee apply only to the 7th grade?

For the 2011-2012 school year, the 7th grade will be the only Middle School grade with one-to-one access.  During 2011-2012 the technology needs of the 6th and 8th grade students will continue to be supported by the school’s existing netbook carts.

For the 2012-2013 school year, it is anticipated that the one-to-one laptop access model will be fully implemented in the Middle School; all three grades.

Will this fee continue annually?

Yes, the fee will recur for 3 years. At the conclusion of the 3 years, your son will be in the upper school and will participate in the Open Model, but he may continue to use his laptop if it serves him well.

What does this new fee cover?

On an annual basis, this fee supports one-third of the direct cost of the hardware and software use.  The details of the laptop hardware, accessories and warranty coverage are listed below.

What is the selected device?

The St. Christopher’s Technology Department has selected the HP TouchSmart tm2 Tablet Computer.  The specifications of this Tablet Computer are listed below:

  • Processor: Intel I5
  • RAM: 8 Gigabytes
  • VideoCard: ATI Radeon 512 MB
  • 500 GB HD 7200 RPM
  • Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Wacom Digitizer and Stylus
  • Biometric Fingerprint reader
  • TrueVision Webcam
  • Wireless Adapter
  • HDMI out
  • Memory Card Reader
*note that a cd/dvd drive is not included since content is moving onto the internet
*A messenger carry case will also be provided

For a comprehensive review of this computer please read 8th grader Michael Zeevi’s thorough blog post on an entry level unit that was brought in for testing among the technology department, teachers, and students.

Why is the fee for this tablet more than the cost on the HP website?

As with most advertisements, low prices are often for entry level or base models.  The tablet that has been configured for your son is an excellent piece of hardware, has an extended warranty, accidental coverage, lojack(should the computer get stolen), and access to school licensed software during the 3 year period.

Who owns the laptop?

During the initial three year period of usage, the laptop is owned by the school.  This ownership is required to allow the cost-effective installation of school licensed software. In addition to licensing, during the initial three year period the school will work directly with the vendor when warranty work is required. Yes, St. Christopher’s has a limited number of spare computers available to your son should it become damaged.  Loaners will be issued by Brian Zollinhofer, the middle school instructional technologist.  Once repaired, the original computer will be reissued only when the loaner has been returned.

How long will my son have this laptop?

The current 5th and 6th graders at St. Christopher’s will use the same *laptop in grades 7-9.  Students may continue using their laptop beyond the 9th grade as part of the Upper School’s “Open Model” The Classes of 2017 and 2018 will use the same laptop in grade 7-9.  Students may continue using there laptop beyond the 9th grade as part of the open model. These computers however, will no longer be maintained by the school or covered by extended and accidental warranties.

How does the maintenance of the laptop work?

In the event that your son’s laptop requires service, 1 of 2 possible paths may be taken.  If it is a software issue, the laptop will be reimaged* and typically returned within a 24 hour period.  If it is a hardware issue, a technician will come on site to make the repair and the laptop will be returned as soon as possible. In either instance, a loaner will be made available to the student until the original is returned.

*Reimaging restores the computer to the initial configuration determined by the school when your son first received his computer. Software and data that was added after the laptop was distributed may be lost and should be backed up regularly by the student.

What operating system and software will be included on the laptop?

St. Christopher’s will be modifying the software that arrives from HP**. For the next three years the laptop covered by the technology fee will be equipped with the following software:

  • Operating System: 64 Bit version of Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
  • Productivity Software: Microsoft Office 2007
  • Antivirus and AntiSpyware: McAfee
  • Adobe Design Premium

**At the conclusion of the 3 years, St. Christopher’s will reimage the computers to their original factory settings. The applications listed above will be removed as required by the school’s software licensing agreements. The original software configurations will include the following:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Microsoft Office Starter Edition: Ad based Word and Excel
  • Antivirus:   Norton Trial Version

Can additional software be loaded onto the laptop by the student or parents?

Yes, students and parents will have the ability to load software, printers, and connect to other wireless devices. The school assumes no responsibility for these applications. However, should your son’s computer require that it be reimaged*, software and settings not provided by the school will need to be reloaded at home by the parents and or students.

*Reimaging restores the computer to the initial configuration determined by the school when your son first received his computer. Software and data that was added after the laptop was distributed may be lost and should be backed up regularly

Does the School backup my son’s files?

No, the school will provide some file storage for students work but it is not considered to be a backup solution.  We strongly recommend that families develop or add to their backup strategy to include their son’s computer.  Backups may be in the form of an external hard drive, flashdrives, dropbox, or online backup solutions like Carbonite.

As we continue to leverage Google Apps for Education, your son’s files will be stored in the cloud which will provide him with access to his files from any computer that has an Internet connection.

Why doesn’t the school backup my son’s computer?

Since your son will have the capability to add software to his computer, it is not possible to backup large quantities of music (iTunes), video, or images that are not of an academic nature.

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1:1 Tech Talk: a rising 7th grade initiative

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